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The Night We Were Taken 2 We Lost Her The Night it Arrived The Taken
The Night Creep 3 We All Disappear - Taken by Night The Creepers - The Search They Are Coming
He Was Never the Same The Creepers Seven The Visitors The Visitors II
The Visitors III The Night Walkers II Never Walk Home Alone The Creepers (The Arrival)
The Travelers They Brought Him Back Our Last Night On Earth Between the Beyond
The Takers (While We Slept) They Are Always Watching The Nathaniel Elm Mysteries The Night They Arrived
The Night of No Return The Night Walkers We Were Never the Same Ghost Witch (It Will Always Find You
They Came To Take Us The Silent Drive They Know Where We Live They Never Arrived
We Can Never Leave The Night It Took Her We All Disappear 2 Ghost Witch The Taking
Ghost Witch The Arrival They Never Returned Ghost Witch (Demon) Night Collector (Dead of Night)
Ghost Witch (The Nocturnals) Ghost Witch (The Haunted) Ghost Witch (The Witchfinder 4) Ghost Witch (The Curse)
Ghost Witch (The Witchtripper) Ghost Witch (Haunted) Ghost Witch (Monster Hands) Ghost Witch 2
Ghost Witch (The Possessed) Ghost Witch (Between the Beyond) He Never Came Home Ghost Witch (The Conjuring)
Ghost Witch (The Witchfinder's Curse) The Night Collector (We All Disappear) The Night We Were Taken A Darkness Haunts the Forest (Two)
A Darkness Haunts the Forest (Two) A Darnkess Haunts the Forest Ghost Witch (The Witchfinder) The Night Collector (Never Sleep)
Ghost Witch (Exit the Body) The Witchfinder (Ghost Witch 3) The Night Watcher The Witchfinder 2
The Witchfinder The Night Slithers It Lives in the Fields All The Children Are Gone
It Creeps and Crawls The Night Collector (Three) The Nocturnal Feeder The Creepers Return (Four)
The Night Crawler The Creepers Return (Two) The Creepers (Return) The Mysterious Walter Waylon
Ghost Witch The Takers Four The Takers Three The Takers Two
The Takers One The Night Collector Fear of a New Planet New World Isolation
Things Went Horribly Wrong The Return of Ghosthead The Machine The Ghosthead Returns
The Lake Zoar Monster We Never Saw Them Again Howling and the Creeper The Witch of Woodbridge
The Night Collector The Night Creep The Ghost Keeper A Strange Night on Route 34
Terror Twilight The Loomers The Snatchers We All Disappear
Going Nowhere Nathaniel Elm Mysteries 2 Nowhere is Home Mr. Serlings house
Clayton Moody The Death of Matilda Black The Disappearance of Nathaniel Elm It Arrived Early
It Arrived Early 9 House on Beecher Road Ghosthead The Watchers
The Gloaming What Lurks at Night The Creepers 24 The Creepers 23
The Creepers 22 The Looming Not So Fast The Sunday Night Monster

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