James Lipnickas



Losing The End We Used to Have a Purpose Delete Your Identity Daily Battles
Time Is Running Out For Us In The Future We Lose Contact Darkness Shining 2 Nothing Is Everything
We Are Here and Then We Go Existence is Flawed Into The Beyond A Place Where Time Reverses
Everyday Is The Same The Past is Present Somewhat Damaged We Deny Contact
The Place That You Protected An Ending Less Than We Lost Our Way
Goodbye For Now The Future Doesn't Need Us Awaiting Your Arrival What We Leave Behind
This Isn't The Place We've Become Obsolete Searching For Replacement The Path of Everyday
New Distance Between Us Beyond Existence The Past You Left Behind Numb and Naive
The Thoughts You Never See Longing to Belong Within is Without Darkness Shining
Further From Beyond Far From Being A Distinct Life Taking Us From Emptiness
Protecting Us From Emptiness

©2019 James Lipnickas